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Description: In which Caroline applies to college
Spoilers: Through season 2
Authors Note: Because I love Stefan and Caroline mostly

Caroline starts filling out college applications when she is 13.Collapse )

TVD: Of Questions and Answers

Description: In which Caroline has some questions, gets a haircut, and finds some unexpected answers. 
Spoilers: Through 2x03
Rating: T
Author's Note: Damon is hard to write, but I love Caroline's headspace

She keeps a notebook with her questions, divided into three parts—one for the easy questions, one for the hard questions, and one for the questions she can only bring herself to ask Elena.Collapse )

TVD: Images Repeating

Description:  In which Damon reflects and regrets after Elena turns. Here is the repeated image of the lover destroyed
Spoilers: Everything
Rating: M (for language)
Author's Note: Written for the prompt by fluffyfrolicker  at the TVD Comment Ficathon

It takes him a week to even look at her.Collapse )

TVD: Absolution

Description: In which Stefan sees the truth of what he is and doesn't seek forgiveness.
Spoilers: Everything
Rating: M (for language and violence)
Authors Note: Because I really liked where they were going with Stefan before it became "I did it for Elena."  Also, the inside of his head is a fascinating place.

He has been absolved before, sprinkled with forgiveness like holy water that banishes his sins and washes him clean.Collapse )

TVD: Enough

Description: In which Stefan and Elena dance and Elena remembers.  Elena's thoughts during "Dangerous Liaisons."
Spoilers: Through 3x14
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Fluffyish because I miss them.

It’s harder than she thought, being this close and not touching him.Collapse )

Description: In which Caroline hates geometry and Stefan understands.   
Spoilers: Through 2x05
Rating: PG-13 for language
Author's Note: Caroline and Stefan fluff because I cannot get over how adorable they are together.  Also, the title is all A.A Milne...I take no credit  

“Because Bonnie,” she says with a little more snap than she intended, “I really wanted to eat Rachael Tompkins today."Collapse )

TVD: Of Best Friends and Bunny Hunting

Description: In which Caroline and Stefan go hunting and Stefan gets bounced
Spoilers: Through 3.14
Rating: PG

I think you secretly enjoyed bunny hunting with me.Collapse )

Doctor Who: A Flat Finding Mission

Descriptions: In which Rose finds a flat
Spoilers: Through the end of season 2
Rating: G

She finds the flat on SundayCollapse )